Saturday, December 4, 2010

Samy report

A report from Samy in Humboldt.

"It's a story a day here. There's always the ordinary, yet within it the unordinary. My knives get used for cutting fruit and vegetables. My flashlight shines only briefly here and there.

Kitchen stories... .. kitchens are strange places, where someone's hungry mind is conveying its intent and our body is haplessly finding solutions to create whatever product. I tend to eat simply. Often times I am splitting avocados by splicing the body in half and rotating them apart into two halves, lightly copping into the seed and twisting to remove it. Other times I resort to a 'chefs' knife in the kitchen, which i bought at ace hardware. That's for cutting tomatoes and heads of cabbage."

And some commentary on my usage.
Me: I think the only story I have is using my Aqua to spread peanut butter.
Samy: wow. you're like, the expensive bladery that does velvet duty.
Me: yeah I know....  It's funny, looking over my knives you can see heavy wear on the tiny Ladybug... and then most of the rest looks almost perfect.
Samy: what does that say about you?
Me: that I mostly have small cutting needs, or that food cutting puts more wear, or maybe just that I'm more careful as the price goes up, or just that H1 scratches really easily. I tore down a bunch of boxes with a UK a couple weeks ago, but it still looks perfect just because S30 doesn't scratch easily.
Samy: small cutting needs sounds like it.
Me: mostly. lots of opening light packages and spreading peanut butter.

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