Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Van lighting promotes sharing.

Light: HDS B42XRGT

Joe and I decided to hang out with Van in the back of Nessie for a couple hours. While there, Van wanted to ignite some shrubbery to give to Joe, which proved to be a difficult task in the dark. Fortunately, I had my HDS to help with the task and he had no further difficulty in achieving the desired combustion. The light also helped Van to diagram (using the Pilot Neogel I'd brought as a gift for Joe) the difficult staging situation at the previous night's show in Redwood City. Later, I used it to dole out what I'd brought to share: a few fine selections from my collection of dark chocolates, which we all enjoyed immensely, though my companions seemed to be themselves consumed by a hunger of almost unnatural proportions. I was also using the light in a tactical grip as camera lighting at times. A good time was had by all, and we all shared and received delightful treasures. Except I didn't really receive anything, except some good stories. And Joe didn't really give anything, except his Nalgene for a couple days. And I left with much less chocolate.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fox Hunt!

Light: NovaTac 120P

I got out of math around 8.30pm and walked slowly across campus towards my car. As I was passing through the fields before the tech building, I saw something long and thin with a very long tail hopping through the bushes. I set myself on a course of interception and pursued it back past the astro lab, through the quad behind it, and finally to a fenced off plant storage area, where it was nibbling at some lavendery looking stuff. It turned out to be a very small fox, or at least I think it was since it was much thinner than any I'd previously seen. If not for the length of the legs I'd say it was a kind of weasel. All along the way, I used my 120P to get a better view of it and help light some photos. I probably looked a little funny, walking quickly across campus with a bright light taking flash photos of something no one else could see.