Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Stair lighting in Cuesta Humanities Forum

Light: HDS Basic 42XRGT

This story is an old one but it's still a memory I enjoy, a good surprise moment. It took place in Dr. Wilson's post-Civil War American history.

He turned out all the lights to show his photos, then he walked to the back/top (it's stadium seating)
behind the top seats is a long narrow room with windows through which stuff is projected
he came up, went in the room, selected picture he wanted, came out and down a few steps to tell about it, then went back to room to change to next one
I sit on the end in the second from top row, right in front of the door to the projection room
I had HDS [0.08lm] out on low to see paper in case I wanted to make note of anything
he came out and almost tripped coming down the stairs
I immediately swung HDS around and kicked it up [I think to secondary, 2.5lm]
he didn't notice until he came back out, he commented on it to the class and thanked me

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Peak lighting while staying in San Diego

Light: Peak Rainier 2005 CPF Special

While down in San Diego to see Radiohead, I stayed at Joe's new house. It was partially furnished, about halfway moved into, and the room I took (Rushi's) was filled with boxes and had no lighting. This was still towards the beginning of my light obsession, so all of my stuff was pretty basic, all single level (which is hard for me to comprehend now, how I was ok with that). I was traveling with my main EDC and favorite light of that time, the Peak Rainier 2005 CPF Special. This light was nearly cutting edge for the time. It puts out about 60lm for ~45 minutes while running on an RCR. It uses a nicely tinted Luxeon 3, I think a T bin. This light was an almost two level in that it can be switched to a regular CR and it becomes a long running medium output light, about 10lm for 12 hours before output diminishes. So every night, I retired to my room, switched it to a CR, and tailstanded it on a box to bounce light the room. I'll admit I was kind of glad to not have any lights in there, it was fun getting to "camp out" and make use of my light.