Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Stair lighting in Cuesta Humanities Forum

Light: HDS Basic 42XRGT

This story is an old one but it's still a memory I enjoy, a good surprise moment. It took place in Dr. Wilson's post-Civil War American history.

He turned out all the lights to show his photos, then he walked to the back/top (it's stadium seating)
behind the top seats is a long narrow room with windows through which stuff is projected
he came up, went in the room, selected picture he wanted, came out and down a few steps to tell about it, then went back to room to change to next one
I sit on the end in the second from top row, right in front of the door to the projection room
I had HDS [0.08lm] out on low to see paper in case I wanted to make note of anything
he came out and almost tripped coming down the stairs
I immediately swung HDS around and kicked it up [I think to secondary, 2.5lm]
he didn't notice until he came back out, he commented on it to the class and thanked me

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