Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eisley concert

Light: Ra Clicky 140Cgt

Took my Clicky to the Eisley show at SLO Brew. Didn't use it much except maybe to check the floor afterwards, but I did get to show it to Garron and Weston. They both love lights and Garron had an Olight stolen, so I figured he'd probably be interested to see a high end option other than SureFire. Garron showed me his remaining Olight and SF L1, both of which showed signs of extensive use. Though my own lights are mostly pristine due to my light uses and careful tendencies, it always makes me happy to see one that's clearly provided good service.

As for knives, I went in with a normal but light carry. Usual Ladybug in pocket, no big knives, and just the innocent looking green UKPK Drop Point as a main knife. I've never had any security problems at the venue, but I wanted to be conservative about it all the same. As it turns out, there was more security scrutiny than I've ever gotten here before—enough that when I got about 15' from the door I moved the UK from side pocket to waistband. They didn't care about my pockets much though, only the bulky camera gear in my messenger bag, which one lightly felt up before letting me through without looking inside. (Seriously, what's changed? They didn't care at all about all the stuff I brought for the "Hottest Chicks in Metal" show, but at the "pansy girl music" indie rock show they get concerned? I understand them not wanting outside liquor or glass bottles, but if it's an issue now—and at a very non-threatening all ages show—why wasn't it an issue before? I'm not complaining though; they're still one of the most relaxed and enjoyable real venues.)