Wednesday, October 26, 2011

For Deer Life

Light: HDS Clicky 170Cn

On my way to town to watch a football game, I came to a stop sign at the right branch of a fork. I was turning left onto the main road, but a short distance down the left fork, to my right, was a deer strolling very slowly and casually across the road. Further down that road and around a corner I saw headlights approaching. The left fork is the continuation of the main road and has no stop sign, so traffic moves through the intersection from that fork at a quicker pace, especially since it's the run-up to a moderately steep uphill, so I was afraid that the approaching car might be coming too fast to react in time to the deer standing in their lane and just around the bend in the road. Rather than proceeding, I remained at the stop sign, pulled out my Clicky, set it to burst, and when the approaching car was just starting around the bend and coming into a direct line of sight with me, I put the light against my passenger window and gave them three flashes. They kept coming and I'm not sure how clear my signal was to them, but they must have seen it very clearly so I'd imagine they probably did ease off a bit and hopefully start looking for a reason for unusual blasts of light in their direction. Whatever the case, the deer made it to the side of the road by the time the car got there. It probably would have without my help, but maybe it would have been a little closer if I hadn't (probably) slowed the car down, which might have made it less of a non-issue.