Saturday, December 15, 2012

Clicky assistance at theatre

Light: HDS Clicky 170Cn.

Tonight I was at the theatre to see a musical retrospective. A lady sitting a couple seats away saw me using my light before the play began and asked at intermission if she could borrow it to go look for some piece of jewelry she'd dropped. I didn't hesitate to click it to an appropriate output (30lm) and hand it over—helping people at times like that is always rewarding, and also it has story potential for this blog—but I was a little antsy until I got it back. Taking into account the cost of the Moddoo clip, total value on the light was around $190. But she returned it about 10 minutes later, no harm done. She didn't find the jewelry, and there was still some time left in the intermission, so I went out myself to look around, but no luck. Not a story with a happy ending, but I'm glad that being able to provide a light at least created the potential for a happy ending.