Wednesday, March 25, 2009

VW wranglin'

Me, Ian, Will
Lights: Ra Clickies 100wwCT & 140Cgt, Mag 4D

I got back into town a little before sunset, so I went for a drive through town and along Moonstone. As I was coming out on Weymouth, a bigol truck passes me by
from the highway to upper Weymouth, and it's pulling a trailer with a car on it. So I'm like wait a minute, that bigol multicolored Dodge with huge steel bumper is Will! And that's Cammi's Ghia! And following behind, that's Ian and Katie in the GTF! So I chased 'em. Followed up to the new house, watched and photographed as they they unloaded it. Then Katie stayed there (because she was all fancied up and too pretty to play with VWs) and I went back to help them get their bug, which involved picking up the front end and moving it up onto the trailer since we didn't bother bringing the keys. Near the end of it, Katie called to ask if we needed the keys. I told her we didn't and that everything had gone smoothly... which was completely a lie. It was lots of fun. Lots of lighting too. I used the 100wwCT I was carrying to give Will some light to work by. Later I got 140Cgt too. When we unloaded the bug, Will drove it off the trailer and found it had no brakes, so I used both Clickies to light up the driveway as he went zipping down it. Dean commented on what a bright little light the Cgt is... while it was stepped down to about one quarter power. (Note to self and reminder to others: make sure I get a copy of my recording to him soon.)

Flashlight quote/incident of the day:
While giving Will light to hook up the trailer
Ian: mine's brighter *shines 4D Mag at me*
me: oh yeah! *shine back with wwCT*
Will: hey, I don't care whose is brighter!
me: whoops, sorry Will, I should have done it like this *turn wwCT back to the job, pull Cgt out with other hand, blast Ian with burst*

Friday, March 20, 2009

Moving day (another)

Lights: Ra Clickies 100wwCT & 140Cgt

Once again helped my mom move. Got to new place after dark, made good use of Clickies. Mainly used ww since the gt has a screwy tail that will need to be replaced. More problems with that one... Really appreciated its sustained 100lm flood when it came time to sweep around for any dropped things when clearing out the truck.