Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cemetery walk

Lights: Ra 70Tr, NovaTac 120P

After tea, Hayley and I went for a walk in Santa Rosa cemetery. I hadn't come very well prepared since I wasn't expecting a walk in the dark, but I had my Twisty and I gave her the 120P. I set it to primary and handed it to her, no instruction beyond how to turn it on. I took a little amusement from that, since some silly cpf-ers insist that the light is just too complicated to hand off to someone without ground schooling. Rubbish. You click, it turns on; click again, it turns off; the UI is completely transparent if you want it to be. We had a nice walk, enjoyed the profound silence of the area, and had fun looking at the variety of tombstones.

Friday, November 21, 2008

More Port O'Brien assistance

Light: NovaTac 120P

Once again, the 120P provided lighting for the band to load up the trailer. I don't know how they manage it without me... ;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Clicky dream

I had another dream about the Clicky. I got mine, but the body was covered in text and advertising and an X-Men logo with a picture of Wolverine. It had really nice aggressive knurling in a kind of spiral pattern. The body was thinner than it actually is, kind of AA size. The button was half moon shaped and offset to one edge for easier reach and set into a shrouded tailcap like the Twisty's. I went through the levels and found that the tint shifted around, getting really warm sometimes at low levels. Burst was incredibly bright, lit up the whole room, but when it dropped I could hardly tell the difference.

So I've had two nights of flashlight dreaming this week, both included something about the Clicky's release, and both tied flashlights in with marvel superheroes. This is getting too weird.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Schizatch Pursuit

Light: SF G2Z-M60

After class, I went into slo to leave some welcome home artwork for Chris to deliver to Noelle. But while I was preparing it, he took off past me. I went after him, chased him onto santa rosa, and managed to get right behind him at a light and flash his mirror with the M60. That got his attention real quick. He turned to look at what was going on and I got him in the face, which was necessary in order to... which was really fun. He threw up his hands and made a face like he'd walked into a surprise party. He pulled over into a gas station, we had ourselves a chat, and I handed over my art.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Not an adventure, but I figure this is a milestone worthy of a news flash since we've been waiting so long. The Clickies, both prototypes and the first of the pilot run of production models, have started to arrive! Finally!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Flashlight dreams (uh oh)

Strange dreams this morning, so I'll include the flashlight bits here since there hasn't been much activity lately.

I had a dream in which Hayley gave me a pack of novelty flashlights, to make up for losing the minimag I'd apparently loaned her. The interesting thing about the lights is that they were named something like "Ba Rok." I commented on how great it was that they were Barack lights, but looking at it now the Ba part seems to be tied to Ra, which was in the other dream I had. The lights started out black I think, but then changed into like six versions of Iron Man. No idea where that came from. I think we heard a noise like someone approaching the building, so we got up for a look and saw Tia walking up to the steps. We went out the door to meet her and found my mom standing on the halfway landing of the steps, shining a light on Tia, who of course thought it was me.

At some point, I had a dream about going to a show in a fancy opera house. I arrived a little late, as the lights were going down, so they didn't want to seat me until the intermission. Fine, went in to find a place to stand, turned on my HDS and put it to lowest output so I could see where I was stepping. A security guard walked by and told me to turn off the light. I apologized, but when I looked at the light I found it was already off, which I told him. He said it was on, I looked again, and then I tried to explain to him that what he was seeing was his own doing, the cool tinted led light he was shining on me was making my led glow slightly. He got angry but started to walk away, accused me of giving him attitude or something, and as he disappeared down a stairwell I shouted after him that I wasn't doing anything but trying to educate him. Or something like that. I started to wander around looking for a seat.

The Ra dream I had was similarly strange. I was in a large darkened room, sitting in the back. Henry Schneiker came out, only it didn't look like him; he was younger, bigger, and had short blond hair. He looked kind of like Patrick Swayze in Donnie Darko. He came to the back of the room and reached into a pocket or bag and set a Clicky on the table in front of me for the unveiling. I turned it on and shined it around the ceiling so everyone could see it. I tried to input commands and go through the levels as a demonstration, but then I realized that I couldn't and he was controlling its functions from a remote control while talking about it, so I just held it and aimed it around while he demonstrated. The beam was imperfect, like an old optic, defined center with blotchy spill and some chromatic artifacts. Also, when it changed level or I held the button down or something, it projected a green checker patterned focusing beam just like my Canon S3.