Friday, August 22, 2008

Linnaea's reading light

Light: NovaTac 120P

Went to Linnaea's for Samy's show. Chris joined me when he got off work and stood in the back next to their mini library. Of course this temptation was too great for him; he forgot about the music and began perusing the book selection. When I saw him standing there reading one in the dim light I handed him my 120P on about 4lm.

Also, I later noticed Samy at another table loaning his Twisty to his young guitar disciple.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rookie Mistake #1: The Meaning of EDC

Joe Auricchio
Lights: Fenix P2D-RB85, Nite Hawk Raptor 10w halogen bike headlamp

Joe: I was riding home from work
and I shifted into top gear
And the chain popped off the front chainring
Stopped to take a look
I was wearing my shorts, so I opened my backpack to get out my Fenix which was in pants pocket
Fished around... couldn't find it
Then I remembered that I'd used it last night and put it down on my desk
And this morning I'd seen it on my way out, thought about grabbing it, and decided, Nahhhh, what am I gonna need a light for
If I were in a movie there would have been a shot from the tabletop, with the Fenix very close in foreground and me in the back looking at it. The focus would start on the Fenix, then quickly shift to me contemplating, before I turn away
Then the camera would linger just long enough that the audience is told this was a mistake
What I *do* have is my bike headlamp
10 watts of halogen fury
15? I never remember
So I detach it and aim it back at the chain
Reattach, get back on, ride back home.
The Moral Of The Story Is: The first two letters in EDC stand for Everyday, Dammit!

Me: oh geez, you made rookie error number one
thinking about taking a light and deciding not to
that guarantees needing it

Friday, August 1, 2008

Shoe art illumination

Lights: HDS B42XRGT, SureFire L1(gen6), fauxton

After hanging around Linn's for a while, we went outside and found Piper sitting in the parking lot with William White, who was painting her shoes. The problem with this was that the parking lot lights are very yellow and have horrible color rendition, making artwork difficult. Piper tried to help with the fauxton I gave her, but its blue tint was only a slight improvement. They needed some extra light with a more sunlight-like tint, so they invited me over. I initially lit up the work area with the B42 since it was the only thing I had handy with a perfect tint, but I had to run it at full power to fully overcome the ambient lighting and that might not last long enough, so I pulled my AW cells out of the M60 and stuck one in the L1 (which I brought on a last minute whim) and used that for the rest of the session. It was perfect for the job; nice warm tint with good CR, focused spot to make efficient use of the output so I could keep it on low.