Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rookie Mistake #1: The Meaning of EDC

Joe Auricchio
Lights: Fenix P2D-RB85, Nite Hawk Raptor 10w halogen bike headlamp

Joe: I was riding home from work
and I shifted into top gear
And the chain popped off the front chainring
Stopped to take a look
I was wearing my shorts, so I opened my backpack to get out my Fenix which was in pants pocket
Fished around... couldn't find it
Then I remembered that I'd used it last night and put it down on my desk
And this morning I'd seen it on my way out, thought about grabbing it, and decided, Nahhhh, what am I gonna need a light for
If I were in a movie there would have been a shot from the tabletop, with the Fenix very close in foreground and me in the back looking at it. The focus would start on the Fenix, then quickly shift to me contemplating, before I turn away
Then the camera would linger just long enough that the audience is told this was a mistake
What I *do* have is my bike headlamp
10 watts of halogen fury
15? I never remember
So I detach it and aim it back at the chain
Reattach, get back on, ride back home.
The Moral Of The Story Is: The first two letters in EDC stand for Everyday, Dammit!

Me: oh geez, you made rookie error number one
thinking about taking a light and deciding not to
that guarantees needing it

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