Friday, August 1, 2008

Shoe art illumination

Lights: HDS B42XRGT, SureFire L1(gen6), fauxton

After hanging around Linn's for a while, we went outside and found Piper sitting in the parking lot with William White, who was painting her shoes. The problem with this was that the parking lot lights are very yellow and have horrible color rendition, making artwork difficult. Piper tried to help with the fauxton I gave her, but its blue tint was only a slight improvement. They needed some extra light with a more sunlight-like tint, so they invited me over. I initially lit up the work area with the B42 since it was the only thing I had handy with a perfect tint, but I had to run it at full power to fully overcome the ambient lighting and that might not last long enough, so I pulled my AW cells out of the M60 and stuck one in the L1 (which I brought on a last minute whim) and used that for the rest of the session. It was perfect for the job; nice warm tint with good CR, focused spot to make efficient use of the output so I could keep it on low.

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