Friday, May 25, 2012

Mag 3D: The Most Useful Flashlight in the World

As I was rushing out to a lecture in town, I reached for my phone, which was sitting on the windowsill, the only place it gets reception.... And dropped it behind the headboard of my bed. The bed is pushed against the wall fairly tightly, the mattress fits into it too tightly to reach around behind it and under the headboard, and it's about 3.5 feet from the top of the board to the floor, and another 3.5 feet from the side to where the phone was sitting. I needed a highly advanced tool... like a stick... but more than a stick... a stick that emitted light too. Enter the 3D Mag, the handiest and most useful lighting tool in the world, for this moment. I turned it on so I could locate the phone, stuck it over the top, and managed to hockey puck the phone over to where I could reach it. Day saved, dashed off to my lecture.