Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ranch walk with Van

Me: ZebraLight SC51w, ZebraLight H30, Ra Clicky wwCT (17670), Ra Clicky 140Cgt
Van: NiteCore D10

Went for a walk across the ranch and back on the bluff trail with Van around 9:30. It was one of our beautiful, clear, starry Cambria nights and quite perfect for it. It was even somewhat warm, with a little bit of that strange micro-climate effect the ranch sometimes gets at night, like corridors of warm and cold. At the beginning I offered Van the choice of two lights: a 2D Mag or the little NC D10. He chose wisely. I started out just using my warm Clicky, but I switched to my ZL SC51w and gave it its first real use in its intended walking light purpose. I was very happy with it. After so many years of fumbling with annoying tactical switches while out walking, it was refreshing to be able to relaxedly carry a small light in a comfortable position and still be able to adjust it without finger contortions. The floody beam doesn't reach far but does a great job of evenly lighting up the path ahead. The warm tint was easy on the eyes, though the quality of it is not up to other warm emitters I've used.

Tonight was also Van's introduction to geocaching. Since our walk took us right by one, I encouraged him to have a go. He found it quickly, came up with a username on the spot, and signed the log. After our walk we continued on to the phone booth cache downtown. A pretty good night.