Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Basic Plunge

Light: HDS B42XRGT

I was hanging out at Linn's with Ian, Katie, Tia, Cammi, Van, and Kellen. After their style presentation bombed, the girls ignored us and started on their crazed wedding planning. Van played his iTouch games, his new favorite pastime, but I got bored. Eventually, I couldn't resist the temptation. Tia's glass of ice water had been sitting ignored the whole time, so I turned on the B42, set it to secondary, turned it nose up, and dropped it in the glass. It sat there for the rest of our night there, about half an hour.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

M60 fills in on CX500

Lights: SF 6P w/Malkoff M60, HDS B42XRGT, Ra Twisty 70Tr

After some Linn'sing, Charlie and I hung around the behind the bank lot like old times. He had his cig, I had my Dragon Pearl green tea. We reminisced about bank wall tennis, car chases, old friends, the usual stuff. Got a visit from a familiar face from the past, watched some raging drunks running and screaming at each other on Bridge. Around 12.30 we decided it was time to take off, so Charlie went to fire up the motorcycle and got nothing. It's been a rainy weekend, so we figured the starter got wet or something. The headlight came on but looked a little dim, run switch was where it should be, but the starter didn't respond at all. After 10 minutes of rocking it and peering at it (with B42 and 70Tr), we finally resorted to bump starting it. First attempt only showed us how easy it is to get a 500lb bike to slide along damp pavement. Second attempt fired it right up, but suddenly it had no headlight. We let it run a little, peered at it some more, banged on the lamp, jiggled wires, jiggled ignition, nothing. He shut it off, found that it would now start up fine on its own and the headlight would flicker whenever the starter was pushed, but it died completely as soon as the engine started. We eventually had to give up on getting it to work. I switched the M60 module over to the 6P for better cooling, put in primary CRs for more reliable power, wrapped the light in electrical tape with some padding to help it sit securely, then paracorded it to the middle of his gauge cluster. It worked pretty well, plenty good enough for him to ride behind my car at 30mph through town to leave it at Tia's house. By that time it was about 1. We set off around 1.15, I got him home to Cayucos about 1.30, and he snuck into his house through the back.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Post-tea sunset walk

Me, Samy
Lights: Ra Clickies (140Cgt and 140Cn)

After the Samy farewell tea at the Cozy, Samy, Noelle, and I went down to moonstone to watch the sunset and wait for the rise of the full moon. We walked around a bit, sat and watched the ocean, and ended up using the Clickies quite a bit after sundown. When we got back to the car, we both used them to bounce light the cabin.