Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Clicky dream

I had another dream about the Clicky. I got mine, but the body was covered in text and advertising and an X-Men logo with a picture of Wolverine. It had really nice aggressive knurling in a kind of spiral pattern. The body was thinner than it actually is, kind of AA size. The button was half moon shaped and offset to one edge for easier reach and set into a shrouded tailcap like the Twisty's. I went through the levels and found that the tint shifted around, getting really warm sometimes at low levels. Burst was incredibly bright, lit up the whole room, but when it dropped I could hardly tell the difference.

So I've had two nights of flashlight dreaming this week, both included something about the Clicky's release, and both tied flashlights in with marvel superheroes. This is getting too weird.

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