Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fox Hunt!

Light: NovaTac 120P

I got out of math around 8.30pm and walked slowly across campus towards my car. As I was passing through the fields before the tech building, I saw something long and thin with a very long tail hopping through the bushes. I set myself on a course of interception and pursued it back past the astro lab, through the quad behind it, and finally to a fenced off plant storage area, where it was nibbling at some lavendery looking stuff. It turned out to be a very small fox, or at least I think it was since it was much thinner than any I'd previously seen. If not for the length of the legs I'd say it was a kind of weasel. All along the way, I used my 120P to get a better view of it and help light some photos. I probably looked a little funny, walking quickly across campus with a bright light taking flash photos of something no one else could see.

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