Monday, December 13, 2010

Final studying

Lights: SF L1, SF/Milky ML1, SF L2, Ra Clicky 100wwCT, Ra Twisty 70Tr

In the last few days while studying I had to use lights for reading due to my terribly inadequate room lighting.  I burned through the 14670 in L2, RCR in L1, used ML1 on primary for a bit, and killed I think two 17670s in the Clicky, with the second one stepping down when I went to use it as car lighting after class. So I guess that means I used the lights for something like 6-7 hours total of reading, which was mostly a waste since by the end of it I'd remembered that reading the book mostly is a waste. Still, I did pick up a few little details that ended up being helpful.

Warm tint was nice to read by, but diffused 70lm was actually just ever so slightly low in a lit room with a large book. The 100+lm burst was pretty much perfect though. The 110ish of the L1 was perfect. I had the Twisty hanging above to provide area lighting and killed at least one battery in that too. Burning the midnight lithium.

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