Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas tree hunt

Light: Ra Clicky 140Cgt
Knives: Ladybug Salt, Military

The rain broke and my dad was finally ready to go out and get a Christmas tree. I went along to Morro Bay to help pick and to do some shopping at Albertsons. My dad needed to cut a coupon out of his mailer and asked if I had a knife. Of course I immediately reached to my back pocket for my new Military, but I realized that I was in the middle of the produce aisle and a 9.5" knife would probably get some looks. I instead used my friendly little Ladybug, which I carry as much for polite use in situations like this as anything else. I really love the Ladybug, and it makes for a great pairing with the Military.

After shopping we went over to pick up our tree (got a nice, fresh one of about 6.5' for $12.50). By this time the sun had set, so my Clicky provided the lighting as we carried it from the dark area of the lot where they were stored to the car, then as we tied it into the trunk. The Military's only use was to cut the paracord I used to tie the tree in, which it did with an almost insulted effortlessness.

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