Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rose's Panamanian Walk by Phonelight

Do you have any flashlight or candle stories to contribute?

hmm, maybe
while in Santa Catalina, Panama, we were staying at a hostel a ways in from town, and we had to go down a dirt road and then a paved road for a while to get to this restaurant that we wanted to try out the first night we were there
it was light enough out while we were walking there
anyway, after we got there we found out they didn't take credit cards, and not everyone had enough cash, so 2 people stayed behind to eat there, and 3 of us walked back to the hostel
by that point it was getting pretty dark... so thankfully, my phone has a built in torch
i turned it on and we were using it to try to find our way... but somehow we ended up missing the sign to turn to our hostel
and we went too far, had to turn around and ask someone which way to go
we made our way back, but we were worried about our 2 friends back at the restaurant, who didn't have any flashlight
and of course, they made it back just fine
i guess they just made it back with their night vision

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