Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Another Halloween. I'm never quite sure what to do for this holiday. It's the only major holiday that involves skulking around in the dark, so it should be a good night for flashlights, I should be into it. But, if you go out and participate with other people, there's not much opportunity for flashlight enjoyment, and if you go off into the woods alone, it's just another night as far as the trees are concerned.

Well, it might be a little creepier than normal.

But this year I was determined to do something, so I went out and joined the crowds on Wood Drive, which is our town's trick or treating epicenter.

When I got tired of the crowds, I wandered through the mostly deserted town and eventually ended up on Moonstone Drive.

To end the night, I found a nice outlook and took a quick light-painting shot using my high CRI Clicky and SF M3LT. With that accomplished, I called an end to a pretty successful Halloween.

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