Wednesday, July 4, 2012

American apple pie assistance

Light: HDS Clicky 170Cn

The world can suddenly seem awfully nice when you end up sharing a post-fireworks apple pie with total strangers on the fourth of July.

As usual, I went down to Moonstone Beach to watch the fireworks display.  This time I decided to get closer than usual, so I walked all the way to the hill overlooking the beach where the launchers are set up.  This area was crowded with people and parked cars, but I strolled up between two pickups and positioned myself between the families tailgating out of them, and I got a great front row view of the show.

The family to my left was very friendly and talked to me a little about photographing the display.  They had a table set up and it was covered with food for their celebration.  When the show ended, they started their dessert, which happened to be a Linn's apple pie, but I could see that they were struggling a little in the dark, trying to find things and get the pie cut and served, all by the dim blue light of a cheap LED lantern.  I was a little reluctant about stepping into their event, but I couldn't let them continue to struggle, so I lit up the table with my Clicky for a few minutes so the older lady doing the serving could get it done more easily.  Afterwards they invited me to join them for some pie, and after the second invite I accepted.  They were using disposable plastic flatware, which saddens the eco in me, so I accepted their paper plate but provided my own titanium spork.

It felt good.  I was there celebrating the holiday alone, but I ended up getting pulled into the celebration of a family of strangers, and I was able to contribute to their celebration.  For a brief moment, I got to play at normal family holiday life, and it felt pretty nice.

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