Saturday, June 4, 2011

June winter light-fi

This will be the blog's 100th published post! I will be adding in other posts dated before it, but it will be the 100th published at least. To celebrate, a light-fi report.

Me: HDS/Ra Clickies (100Chc, 100wwCT, 140Cgt), ZebraLight SC51w, SureFire G2Z-M60.
Samy: HDS/Ra Clicky 120CThc; NovaTac 120 Classic.

At the beginning of June, on an unseasonably rainy night (we've already seen more June rainfall than any year since probably the 1930s), Samy and I visited Linn's and then headed to Moonstone Drive for a little adventuring. We walked along the boardwalk, down the boat ramp to the beach, then up and across the bridge and into Leffingwell. This area is always good for playing with lights since the dense trees make it very dark and the heavy ground cover gives a lot to look at and maneuver through. Of course nice views down to the beach too. I mostly relied on my SC51w and the Moby Click 100Chc while walking. The Zebra did its main job of providing comfortable walking light very well, though the tint advantage of the Chc was unmistakeable. Samy used his Chc but his batteries started to die about halfway through. I loaned him my 100wwCT, so he could reexperience how good the warm Osrams really were. He also tried out the Cgt a little, which we both agreed looked downright bad compared to the other lights we were using. Sad really. I also used the G2Z with Malkoff M60 a little to get a better view down at the beaches.

While in the area we did a little geocaching. Sam found his first cache earlier in the evening, so I helped him to bag a second: Leff Inkwell. I led him to the correct area beneath the trees and left him to find it from there.

We ended the evening by scrambling down to a little section of rock just above where the waves were crashing in most fiercely, sending up dramatic sprays. We stood about 10 feet back from the edge and waited for a big enough wave to come along and splash us, then we packed it in for the night. A successful little light-fi walk.

Samy, post-wave.

Samy's final flashlight thoughts on the night.
"Warm's the best, hands down. Pump that cri to the max and i'm happy. The wwc isn't as bad as i remembered, does pretty well actually. The cgt is nice when nothing else is shining but it's still flat 2D distortion that the cri's just murder. [I agree.]

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