Friday, June 10, 2011

100 lumens is SO MUCH LIGHT!

I just went for a walk around my neighborhood. Not even the neighborhood, like two or three blocks. I didn't bring a bunch of lights to play with. I didn't even plan to do it, I just felt like I had to while out doing the laundry. I didn't even bring a knife, my pockets were empty. And it was the best walk. The sky was fairly clear, temperature a mild 52ยบ, no wind. We've had so much inclement weather lately, but suddenly it's just... so nice. I had the little Zebra H30 clipped to my jacket and used it on low a little to just stroll hands-free, but it was a little too much light in too broad a spread. Mostly I used the high CRI Clicky at the minimum level (rated at .07lm but actually around .14 or .2); walking softly in the still and quiet night, lighting softly. With that tiny amount of light, I could see where I was stepping; using proper eye techniques I was able to spot deer at a reasonable distance; with the light at eye level I could see eye reflections about as easily as with a normal light level. Reflective street signs were easily readable at 30 feet, with less light than a match would provide. It was a nice change, it was relaxing. I need to do it more often.

When I did hit the high level, to check up a street (mostly just to compare and contrast against the experience of using as little as possible), the whole street lit up, one end to the other and the houses along the sides. It's *only* 100lm, it's only the less powerful high CRI model, which sacrifices raw power for color rendition. But it's so bright. Remember when 100lm was something amazing to strive for? I remember when I paid $144 for a SF L2 that put out a 100lm donut of greenish-tinged light and drained two CRs in about 45 minutes... and it was glorious. It's gotten so easy to forget how much light 100lm is, but it's so nice to stop and remember.

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