Friday, January 1, 2010

Swiss Army = key to party

My first story of 2010 is a very important one. In the wee small hours of new year's eve, after celebrating at the Pewter Plough cafe party (with very good singer), I went off for my own celebration on Moonstone Drive. I took my camera gear and one of the bottles of Martinelli's I got earlier down to the little hidden bench I found last week on the edge of one of the cliffs and perched there comfortably above the waves (I was fortunately well bundled up for the 43ยบ weather). Now, my more loyal readers will remember that the last time I encountered one of these bottles it was on a night I was traveling light and I ended up having to rip the top off with my Manix. This time I was prepared and was able to neatly (and much more gently) open it with the bottle opener of my Victorinox Climber Deluxe. A big improvement. And so I sat there all alone at 2am and celebrated the passing of the years.

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