Friday, January 29, 2010

Putting the dead back to bed

So, this afternoon, I was doing my usual sort of thing, wandering around the cemetery, looking for friends. It was my first time up there since the big storms of the last few weeks and there was a lot of debris lying around. Branches were strewn everywhere, and surprisingly many of them looked just like the branches at the beach in Morro Bay, covered in sea lichen and stuff. A worker was there with chainsaw and mini-backhoe clearing away stuff. As I was walking through the rows looking for interesting headstones, I found a couple wooden markers that had been blown over or knocked over by falling branches, including one of the ones I was out looking for today, almost like it was meant to be. So, I grabbed some of the fallen branches lying around, used my little Spyderco Cat to whittle a point on one end where necessary, jammed the pointy end into the dirt, and made them into temporary supports to hold the markers up until someone could get around to re-sinking them properly.

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