Thursday, August 20, 2009

Searching for bats in the belfry

Light: Ra Clicky 100wwCT

I went to pick up Tia at her house but ended up waiting a while, so I wandered around outside. I heard someone come out of the house, but it was Tia's mom, and she was looking under the house's overhangs with a huge camping style flashlight that cast a very narrow spot of incandescent light. From about 50 feet away, I hit burst on the Clicky and brightly lit up the entire side of the house; she looked around like a plane was landing. When I got there, she explained that she was looking for bats because she'd heard a noise up there the previous night. She went back to looking for them with her big light, so I turned mine on again so she could actually see what was up there clearly. She had a good laugh about how much brighter mine was despite being so much tinier. When Tia came out, she admonished her mother for encouraging me....

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