Sunday, August 23, 2009

Leak in the ceiling

Contributed by Sam
Light: Ra Clicky 170Cn

Last night, Regina noticed a leak in her bathroom ceiling. She called up maintenance to have a look; only a preliminary assessment could be made and they'd have to come back with more tools in the morning.

They arrive the next morning, armed with a sawzall and some other equipment. They proceed to cut a hole in the ceiling and realize (drum roll) that they can't see anything! Too dark! "Someone get a flashlight!!" I hear them argue amongst each other.
.. I figure that I will aid them, but only until I see what they bring as a 'flashlight'..... and (drum roll again, please) a red anodized minimag!!! yesss!!!!

OK, so I was kind of excited that these people were trying to actually use a minimag for their work, but a better part of me took over and I prepped my 170CN for maximum output.

I walked in there confidently and said "Here, use this instead." and the guy is like "whoa, that's a flashlight?...yea.. whoa, that's a flashlight.." Yeah..

He looks down at me "how much did this set you back?" I looked up "About $200" ($50 less than what I actually paid) and he nodded and went back to working with it.

I hovered around a while as they worked and as they finished he said "Wow, we should get the department to buy us these instead!" I agreed and gave him the web address and said they could get a similar light for about $100 which would work well for their duties and could use rechargeable batteries.

Ra Clicky saves the day again!


Saturn said...

Nice work! Though I doubt the maintenance men are going to become state funded converts given the current budget situation.

Rodney Orton said...

I say you just gave them the light - the light of the awesome flashlight, that is. Home improvement pros like roofers and plumbers could really have that very handy, don't you say? Were the guys able to get the job done?