Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Woodland Stretch

Contributed by Sam

Into the darkness I went. Up the streets, down the pavement, and eventually into the redwoods.

Using my 100wwcn to light my way, I scaled a small hill and found a favorite tree I like to sit against.

Just before reaching the tree, I heard sound behind me. I look and see a man, with his dog. I turn off my flashlight.

Arriving at the tree, I squat down and become completely silent and still.
I heard the man talking to his dog.

"what do you smell?"
... "what do you smell?"

The dog's collar rang out like a small bell as it climbed the terrain.
They were both in the dark.

..."what is it boy?"
"what do you smell?"

The dog arrives at my tree, presses against me.

I press my hand against it, and felt the dogs face go by in an instant. His nose smelling, breathing..
I say "Hey doggie" in a very low voice as he smells me.

The man arrives now too.

"Hey.. man.... what'cha doing?"

"I'm enjoying the dark..."

"Ah yeah, that's a good thing to be doing."
"I'mtaken my dog for a walk"

Then the man talks to his dog, and they go back the way they came.

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