Thursday, February 19, 2009

Morro Bay wetlands (Dying Flashlight Game)

Light: Ra Twisty 70Tr

Went into the wetlands just before sunset, ended up staying longer than expected and went all the way out to the little sand spit. It was heavy dusk by the time I headed back and the only light I'd brought was the Twisty on an RCR it had been using for probably a couple weeks. It quickly dropped from full power to 35lm. When I got off the spit, I had to choose between going straight back to the road and back to my car or taking the longer, trickier, but less treacherous route around through the wetlands again. Knowing that a dying RCR will plunge through the levels pretty quickly... I decided to take the long route to make the dying flashlight game that much more satisfying. It had stepped down to about 17 or 9lm by the time I got out, but it kept going long enough to pick my way through the half soaked paths and across a small stream.

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