Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Conversation: MiniMag - The Ranger of flashlights

Lights: Fenix L1D-CE, MiniMag

Me: well as long as you have it, I recommend you go have some fun with the light, compare it to minimag and whatnot
Mike: i already did
Mike: i opened the box
Mike: went "ick"
Mike: and closed it
Mike: and i used my blue minimag for about 2 hours today
Mike: one of 2 blues
Me: when the head is fully tightened it comes on at full power, half press strobes it. head loose, comes on low, half presses step through two more levels. go adventure with it
Mike: too fancy
Mike: it should have
Mike: on
Mike: and off
Mike: and patented adjustable beam
Mike: and candle
Mike: thats all i can comprehend
Me: if you want on and off, leave the head tightened down and just press the button on and off, dont do the half presses
Me: you wont even have to deal with the extra features
Mike: too fancy!
Me: press, on!
Me: press, off!
Mike: it has an integrated circuit
Me: easy
Mike: too FANCY
Me: pft
Me: you'll never get to see how much better your minimag is if you dont compare em
Mike: i already know
Mike: a minimag is like a 1988 ford ranger 2 wheel drive
Mike: it just doesnt get any better

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