Friday, April 13, 2007

Conversation: Mag 6D - The best flashlight in the world.

Mike: 2 hundred dollars!
Mike: for a FLASHLIGHT!
Me: yup
Me: now theyre gone so theyre expensive
Me: I got mine in the going to be gone sale
Mike: are they really better than 10 minimag leds?
Me: sure are
Mike: how could you need that much light!
Me: its not how much light
Me: its how well it controls that light
Me: and how well its all put together
Mike: patented adjustable!
Me: how perfect the beam is
Me: how the tint is guaranteed white
Me: it has a patented adjustable beam level
Me: I used mine tonight, on the 2.5 and 42 lumen settings
Mike: i have a minimag
Mike: it's blue
Mike: i paid 0 dollars for it
Me: how's its regulation?
Me: cool
Me: is it like this? [HDS regulation curve]
Mike: yep
Me: that's pretty good then
Mike: 6D's is better
Me: I'm sure it is
Me: it gets brighter during use right?
Mike: yea
Mike: its hyperbolic
Me: down then up towards the end? over and over?
Mike: infinitely fantastic
Me: so is that how you vary the output, just wait for it to hit the level you want?
Mike: it knows
Me: how does it know!
Mike: it uses a neural network to predict what output level i require
Mike: judging on previous uses and heuristics
Me: well that's pretty good
Mike: it's feed forward
Me: hm?
Mike: i'm not explaining it
Me: I wouldn't understand?
Mike: i only basically understand them
Mike: theyre crazy
Mike: and in their infancy
Mike: it means its outputs can be used as inputs to itself
Mike: so it essentially feeds itself with its old decisions to influence new ones
Me: you're saying it can learn and think!
Mike: yes
Mike: its how anything that resembles artifical intelligence works
Me: 6D is scary!
Mike: yea it knows what you want
Mike: thats how good the 6D is
Me: not bad for 20 bucks
Mike: 20.95
Me: I want one
Me: put 18 AAs in it
Me: jam an air raid searchlight on the front
Mike: why modify perfection?
Mike: thats like getting rims for your enzo
Mike: now like a surefire or a streamlight
Mike: i can see modifying those
Mike: thats like leaving your vw stock
Mike: you just gotta mod that ish
Me: my surefires roll just fine stock, aside from the occasional engine swap

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