Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More set work at the Plough

Lights: ZebraLight H30; HDS Clicky.
Knives: Spyderco Manix2 SE, Persistence.
Other: Widgy pry bar

I was once again called in to help with set preparation at the Plough, this time in preparation for their Gershwin tribute show.

My main job was to cover a wall with a thick, diamond-patterned, felty, velvety cloth. I had to get it stretched properly over the uneven surfaces of the wall, securely staple it down, and then once I had it hanging properly I had to trim off the excess at the bottom. Knowing that I would probably be asked to do a job like this with a pair of dull scissors, I made sure I brought along an array of more appropriate cutting tools. For this I chose the Manix2, which cut through the thick cloth easily and cleanly with its smooth serrations. Very glad I chose it, because I don't think any knife I have could have done a better job, but also because I've really gotten so little use of M2 over the years.

Later, I needed to create a sturdy shim to get a high, metal-framed chair to sit evenly on the uneven stage surface. I found some scraps of fiber board, scored one side with the tip of the Persistence, and then was able to cleanly snap them along the scoring. A stack of two board pieces, secured together and attached to the chair leg with gaffer's tape, made the chair much more comfortable and safer.

I also opened a small paint can with my little pry bar. I think this might actually be the first time I've mentioned it on here? Normally it just gets used to pop the top off my car's washer fluid reservoir.

My lights didn't get much use, but I had my ZL H30 clipped to my jacket in case I needed some hands free light, and I used one of my Clickies—probably the 100Chc—to search the carpet for lost staples and other little bits of debris.

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