Wednesday, July 20, 2011

High CRI wildflowers

(Samy holding his 120CThc and NT 2AA Classic with high CRI XPG.)

Participants: Me, Samy, Tia.
Lights: HDS Clicky 100Chc; SF L1.

I went for a walk on the point with Samy and Tia. There was a bit of adventure as we snuck up on a suspicious light we thought was coming from a group of nefarious hippies, but we never found any trace of them and later had to chalk it up to ghosts. Toward the end of the regular trail, in the middle of the dull browns and weathered greys of the windswept point, we suddenly came upon a small patch of vibrant flowers. We stopped to admire them and Tia was surprised by the sudden beauty amongst such colorless surroundings. Then she looked at it with her own light, the L1 I'd loaned her, which has a very good tint itself, and was less impressed. She remarked that maybe it was just my light that made them look so nice. Of course I was using the high CRI Clicky, and it was indeed doing its job very well at that moment.

(Under flash.)

(Under high CRI Clicky light.)

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