Monday, January 3, 2011

Flood repair

Yesterday we got hit with a huge volume of rain all night long. After weeks of heavy rainstorms saturating the town, this one finally pushed things over the edge; the town's streets are covered in mud and small streams, a bush slid down the hill and into the BofA parking lot, erosion damage is evident everywhere, and it seems that everyone in my neighborhood had flooding in their lowest area. In our case, this meant that our downstairs bedroom was flooded with a couple inches of water that seeped in through the concrete walls. Not a lot of damage to stuff in the room, but the carpet is a total loss, so today we got started on pulling it out and vacuuming out the water left pooled on the concrete below. We mostly just tore the carpet since it tears in a straight line without a huge amount of effort, but this was not my idea and I disapproved of the unnecessary strain on the back. For sections too awkward to pull, I stepped in and used the Pacific, which, despite my complaints about the edge, was able to tear through the material very easily.

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