Thursday, May 20, 2010

Salts at Schizatchfest

Lights: Ra Clicky 100wwCT, Inova T1-K2TFFC
Knives: Spyderco Pacific Salt, Ladybug Salt

Chris celebrated his birthday today with a bonfire at Avila/Port San Luis with various friends. Since it went well into the night, obviously my flashlights were useful when it came time to clear up. The Clicky's strobe in the heavy plume of smoke was pretty entertaining too. There was also a bit of knife usage. Since I was at the beach and I already have experience with getting Columbia River sand/silt into a knife pivot, my Salts were the obvious choice to carry while everything else got tucked safely away inside my bag. When Kyle wanted a piece of my banana, I used my Ladybug Salt to slice some off, since I keep it clean for food use and it's been my official banana knife recently. When Michelle needed to cut the plastic wrap off a bundle of firewood, I gave her my Pacific Salt, and the wrapper appeared to pretty much melt away on contact.

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