Friday, March 12, 2010

To Cat a piece of paper...

This morning, I arrived at my math class a few minutes late. I knew we were having an extra credit makeup quiz, so I headed up to the front of the room for it but was told it would be on my own paper. Problem was, all of my paper is in my spiral bound notebook, and I was in a quiet room of people working on math. Since I didn't want to rip it out, I held the notebook off to the side and out of sight, pulled out my little Cat, and quickly sliced it out. Day saved!

However, it did make me rethink the importance of how much and what kind of noise different edges and steels make when cutting paper. In that silent room, my slightly toothy S30V made a grating sshhhrrrrzzzzzz sound as it cut, and I would have much preferred an edge that was just the tiniest bit quieter and smoother in its sound so it wouldn't have sounded like something terribly violent was happening to that notebook. It's been a while since I've compared, but I think I recall VG10 and 8CR13MOV having a slightly softer sound, at least as I sharpen them.

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