Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Cambria outage

I had intended to go to first home Coast football game of the season, but around the start time my lights went out. Then Ian called from Linn's; they were out too and he needed me to come down and provide some illumination so they could close up. Turns out the whole town was out due to someone hitting a power pole on Santa Rosa. I took various long running lights down: Ian put the Magled in the dishwashing hovel and claimed the Zebra as his getting-around light, Katie took the ProPoly to finish up her work. Ended up not being needed for very long, they were closing and we all left together shortly after. I left them with the Zebra, Mag, and ProPoly for the night. The game was cancelled and played at the other team's home the next day.

Here's the story:

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