Saturday, December 6, 2008

$5 Home Depot 1AA vs 140Cgt

Light: Ra Clicky 140Cgt

I was at my mom's house when a friend of hers gave her a 1AA flashlight that he got from Home Depot for something like $10 for two or three. It was actually a pretty decent looking little light for the price, looked like about 25lm and a decent beam. But when my mom got it, she of course immediately flashed it across the room at me. I responded as anyone in my position would: I pulled my Clicky out of my pocket and hit burst. She commented to her friend, "See how much brighter his is?" and he said something to the effect of, "Well this one only cost about five bucks. A good flashlight starts at about $15. See how nice and round his beam is? His probably cost $39.99!" She then asked how much it did cost and I declined to state... That one made me smile.

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