Sunday, May 27, 2007

Campfire Fauxton use and EDC lecture

Noelle Blicha
Light: Fauxton

Noelle: i used my keychain flashlight tonight

Me: yes!
tell me the story

Noelle: well. it was dark around the campfire
because the fire was getting low
but i had my flashlight
and i could see

Me: that's amazing!
the others must have been embarrassed by their weakness and preparedness inferiority
what about your other light though, which should always be with you?

Noelle: it is
it resides safely in my purse

Me: and wasnt your purse with you?

Noelle: in the car

Me: argh, that doesnt do much good
well, it's a very good start and I'm proud of you for that
but you still have some things to work on here
you need to learn the true meaning of EDC
It should always be there, ready for action. I mean, for example, when you shower that light should be hanging around your neck.

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